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Jig Heads For Mini Jigs 5pk


5 Pack. Mini jig heads for tube style mini jigs. These lead heads come in 1/32oz and 1/16oz sizes, ideal for fishing mini tube baits like our Sierra Mini Jigs. Features #6 hooks.


We put a lot of thought into producing just the right jig heads for each of our products. We exclusively use sticky-sharp VMC brand hooks and all of our jig heads are poured right here in the USA.


These high-quality jig heads are harder to find and thus more expensive than your run of the mill jig head but they make all the difference in the world.


These are the ultimate Trout jig heads, and we also recommend them for, Bass, Perch, and Panfish like Bluegill, and Crappie. These are also great as saltwater lures when used for catching Surf Perch, Corbina, and more!


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Jig Heads For Mini Jigs 5pk