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Sierra Slammers Custom Baits was founded in June 2012 by long childhood friends Mike Rigney and Jared Smith.  Mike is an experienced tournament angler with a gift for gab and an all around fishy dude. Jared is the general manager of Parchers Resort & South Lake Landing in Bishop, CA and has authored two successful fishing guide books (Fishin' Trails & Fishin' Trails 2).  Together they have over 50 years  of combined experience fishing in both fresh and saltwater, 



Jared "Smitty" Smith


An avid hiker, angler, photographer, licensed & bonded fishing guide and author of Fishin' Trails: 25 Short Hikes for Eastern Sierra Wild Trout, Jared has lived for the great outdoors his entire life. While chasing the catch of a lifetime in both fresh & saltwater, he has tried his luck from Florida to the east, Alaska to the north, and Mexico to the south with plenty of stops in between and the majority of his serious fishing done in California. His heart however, has always been in the pristine lakes & streams of the High Sierra where he spends his off-time hiking, backpacking, and fishing.


Originally from Orange County, Jared took over as General Manager and part-owner of Parches Resort & South Lake Boat Landing in Bishop, CA beginning in 2006. For nearly a decade now Jared has strived to provide Eastern Sierra visitors with the vacation of a lifetime, which more often than not includes putting people on fish whether it be by providing advice, through his regularly published fish reports, or by providing his guided fishing services. Starting in 2009, Jared began sharing his knowledge on the seminar stage at the Fred Hall Fishing & Tackle shows in both Del Mar and Long Beach, CA. Now, he hopes to share his fishing success with anglers through the Sierra Slammers Custom Bait brand.

Mike Rigney


Mike has been an avid angler going on two decades now but over the past 7 years Mike has moved full speed into the world of tournament bass fishing. Participating in tournaments at varous lakes in the west from Lake Almanor, Lake Shasta, Clear Lake, DVL and Havasu among others he has honed his skills to become one hell of a bass angler. Forming MJR Fishing in 2014, Mike now has tournament sponsorships from River2Sea, Gone Fishin' Marine, Bass Knuckles, Dobyn's Rods, Bite-On and more with plans to compete in select events on the pro circuit in 2014. It is Mikes near obsession with bass fishing and his total addiction to all things tackle that makes him an exceptional mind when it comes to designing baits with superior action in unique and effective color combinations. As part of Sierra Slammers' Customer Baits and in conjuction with Prodigy Fishing and Bite-On attractants, Mike hit the seminar stage daily at the 2014 Fred Hall Fishing Tackle and Boat Show in Long Beach California.

Jared Smith "Smitty" holding two large small-mouth bass caught on sierra slammers bass jig
Jared "Smitty" Smith, owner of Sierra Slammers holding a Large Mouth Bass
Mike Rigney holding a big cutt throat trout caught on a sierra slammer custom bait
Mike Rigney Co-Owner of Sierra Slammers holding two large mouth bass.
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