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Mini Swims & Swimbaits

The Sierra Slammers' Mini Swims are now available in 19 custom colors. These unscented mini swimbaits have been field-tested across the west in rivers, streams, still water, surf fishing for perch and corbina, and even ice fishing for trout, crappie, and bass.

The mini swim comes in a pack of  5 and includes one 1/16oz jig head with size 4 VMC wire keeper hooks, or you can order a 12 pack of just the plastic baits with no jig head. They are the ultimate swimbaits for trout fishing, and one of the best surf perch lures money can buy.

They can be fished cast & retrieve, bounced off the bottom, under a float, jig fishing for trout, or used as a drop shot bait.

Now, introducing the 2.8" S.S. Minnow PT . These small swimbaits feature the same classic paddle tail design as our Mini Swims but offer a slightly larger profile so you can match the hatch when the bait is just a little on the larger side.

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